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Healthy Marketplaces in the Western Pacific Region: Guiding Future Action. Applying a Settings Approach to the Promotion of Health in Marketplaces

The WHO Western Pacific Region of WHO considers the marketplace as a priority setting for health protection and promotion in the 21stcentury. Like other settings where WHO has developed health-promoting initiatives (cities, islands, schools, hospitals and workplaces), the marketplace can have a very positive impact on the health and well-being of vendors, their families, communities and the society at large. As such, these guidelines for national, provincial and local authorities, mayors, city administrators, health professionals, non-government organizations and market communities, have been prepared to facilitate more rapid expansion of Healthy Marketplace programmes by clarifying core principles that, if applied, will enhance the success and sustainability of Healthy Marketplace programmes.

It is anticipated that the guidelines will be of value not only to those considering using Healthy Marketplaces as settings for promoting and protecting health but also to those already implementing Healthy marketplace programmes. In this situation, the guidelines may be used to review current visions, goals and activities and to develop and implement plans for the future.

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WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific
2004, 38 pages
ISBN 9290611707
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