Food Hygiene

“Education in health is wealth” Fiji project report

Shereen P. Singh, Project Coordinator, January 2006, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, 11 pages

In collaboration with the Fiji Ministry of Education, the project is intended to introduce health into school curriculum especially the topics of nutrition, food safety, water safety and sanitation.  The nine month US$5000 project developed education and training materials including Health Pupil’s Activity Workbook for Classes 1-8 and Primary Teacher Training Health Manual for Classes 1-8.  For 17 selected schools, teachers were given 2 days of training.  Implementation of training in schools including Five Keys to Safer Food.  This was followed by 1 day review and evaluation.  The project was judged to be highly successful but almost all  of the indicators were qualitative.


Written by geraldmoy

March 1, 2011 at 1:22 pm