Food Hygiene

Contamination of Weaning Foods: Organisms, Channels, and Sequelae

Zeinab E. M. Afifi, Shafika S. Nasser, Sayad Shalaby,and Samir A. E. Atlam. Contamination of Weaning Foods: Organisms, Channels, and Sequelae, J Trop Pediatr (1998) 44 (6): 335-337

A study was carried out to identify the microbial contaminants of weaning foods in an Egyptian village and the sources of contamination. All 300 households containing infants (>24 months) were visited. Information regarding food preparation and household sanitation was gathered. Samples of weaning foods (270) were collected and analysed for the presence of Escherichia coli, Bacillus cereus, Shigella and parasites. The first two pathogens were detected in 43.7 per cent and 21.4 per cent of samples respectively. The others were not detected in any sample. The risk of contamination by E. coli and B. cereus was significantly associated with the presence of dung and/or refuse in the house, lack of indoor latrine, non-use of latrine by children, weaning foods not freshly prepared, uncovered storage of foods, and the presence of a case of diarrhoea in the house.


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March 4, 2011 at 3:39 pm