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Effect of caregiver feeding behaviours on child nutritional status in rural Ghana.

Effect of caregiver feeding behaviours on child nutritional status in rural Ghana.
Nti, C. A.; Lartey, A.; Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, UK, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 2007, 31, 3, 303-309, 21 ref.

A six-month observational study involving 100 mothers with infants between the ages of 6 and 12 months was conducted in the Manya Krobo district of Ghana. The objective was to assess the role of caregiver feeding behaviours on child nutritional status using a modified positive deviance approach. Each child was in the study for 6 months, during which they were observed at home once a month. On each visit, data were collected on the child anthropometry, child meal frequency, diet diversity, responsiveness of caregiver during feeding, child’s appetite and feeding atmosphere as well as caregiver hygienic practices related to feeding. Using weight-for-age (WAZ) and length-for-age (LAZ) scores, the children were classified as positive or negative deviant children. The study revealed significant differences between the two groups of children in terms of caregiver feeding behaviours. Positive deviant children had significantly higher meal frequencies (3.1±0.4 vs. 2.4±0.6,P=0.001), diet diversity scores (6.3±0.6 vs. 3.7±1.1, P=0.001), were fed under better hygienic conditions (7.2±0.9 vs. 4.2±1.1, P=0.001) and were much more interested in food during feeding (85.8% vs. 59.3%). Caregiver responsiveness during feeding was also significantly higher among the positive deviant group (6.5±0.8 vs. 4.5±0.9, P=0.001). This study has demonstrated the tremendous effect of caregiver feeding behaviours on child nutritional outcomes and provides a scientific basis for introducing care during feeding as a component of intervention to improve child nutritional status in Ghana.

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