Food Hygiene

Weaning foods a review of the Indian experience.

Sajilata G Singhal RS and Kulkarni PR (2002). Weaning foods a review of the Indian experience. Food and Nutrition Bulletin; 23: 208-25.

Although breastmilk is adequate to meet the energy and nutrient requirements of an infant up to four to six months of age, thereafter it is insufficient to sustain normal growth and needs to be supplemented with other foods, such as weaning foods. However, the capacity of a weaning diet to meet the protein and energy requirements of infants depends on its nutritional quality as well as its dietary bulk. This review highlights varieties of weaning foods, blend formulations, nutrient requirements, process characteristics, physicochemical parameters, quality evaluation, and other important aspects of developing a weaning food that satisfies all the requirements of the infant during the vulnerable transitional stage. Traditional weaning foods of India are briefly summarized.


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June 13, 2011 at 12:53 pm