Food Hygiene

Hazards and Critical Control Points of Street-vended Chat, a Regionally Popular Food in Pakistan

Bryan FL et al J Food Protection, 55(9):708-713


A hazard analysis (which included watching operations, measuring temperatures of food throughout preparation and display, and sampling and testing for microorganisms of concern) was conducted of a street vendor’s operation.  Chat is a popular dish in certain areas of Pakistan.  It consists of sliced cooked potatoes, fried graham and pulse dough, and chick peas or red beans garnished with lasi (a fermented milk) and a fruit syrup.  Staphylococci reached the cooked potatoes during peeling, cutting and other handling.  These bacteria increased up to 100,ooo times while the contaminated foods were held for several hours.  Counts up to 100,000 Bacillus cereus were isolated from the cooked dough after 6 hours or longer holding period.  Large numbers (usually greater that 100,000) of coliform bacteria and aerobic mesophilic colonies (1,000,000 to 1,000,000,000) were isolated from all foods after handling and holding for several hours.  Ingestion of these food must be considered high risk unless handling of cooked items can be ke0pts to a minimum and the time of holding reduced to less than 6 hours.  Critical control points are handling after cooking and holding on display.  Health agency personnel in developing countries, vendors, and consumers of these foods need t9o be informed of the hazards and appropriate preventive measures.


Written by geraldmoy

February 3, 2012 at 2:20 pm